Keeping your shower screens clean


Shower screens add light and a modern look to a shower as well as helping keep the rest of the bathroom dry. However, if they're not cleaned regularly they can quickly turn streaky and unsightly. Fortunately, keeping your glass shower screens clean is a simple process, and even cleaning streaked and stained screens needn't be too challenging.  Regular care The best way to make sure your glass screens stay clean is to take regular care of them.

16 November 2017

Looking for Home Security That's Not a Fright? Consider the Advantages of Roller Shutters


Whilst good security for your home once meant having frightening-looking electric fences or large bars attached to the windows, those days are fortunately in the past. Today, your home can be safe without standing out from the neighbourhood in a bad way. Roller shutters serve multiple purposes today, including protection from inclement weather, extra insulation, and shielding against Australia's all too frequent brush fires. However, their ability to keep your home safe -- whilst still looking attractive -- may be one of their best qualities.

6 October 2017

How to Install a Security Door Without Making Your Home Look Like a Prison


The threat of home theft is an unfortunate reality that many Australians have to deal with today. According to the Australian Institute of Technology, there were approximately 335, 700 household burglaries between 2009 and 2010, and the chances are that the number has increased over the years. One of the best ways to protect your family and valuables is through installing a security screen door. However, most of the conventional security doors come with bars that can make the home feel less aesthetically appealing.

12 September 2017

Wood Stove Basics: Three Useful Guidelines for Using Wood Heaters


Space heaters provide an efficient and safe way of generating heat and obtaining the much-needed comfort during the cold seasons. Among the various types of space heaters, wood and firewood stoves are very reliable, readily available, and affordable. However, many individuals often shy away from this heating solution due to the assumption that using wood is complex. You may have numerous questions concerning wood heaters and how to use them. This article will address some of the essential lessons and guidelines that will make the process of heating with wood easy and convenient.

28 August 2017