6 Reasons You Should Add Roller Shutters to Your Windows


People install metal roller shutters in their windows, doors and garages for various reasons, key among them being security. They are typically designed using stainless steel, aluminium or galvanised steel metal, which makes them extremely difficult to beak. Here are 6 practical reasons to add roller shutters to your home.  Enhance Security Roller shutters provide extra security to your home. Because they are fitted very close to the door, it is extremely difficult for intruders to pull them away or remove them.

23 June 2020

Understanding What An Annual Fire Safety Statement Is


When a building is being constructed, the law requires that it follows particular building codes and fire safety measures, rules and regulations. These codes, measures, rules and regulations ensure that the building can be safely inhabited and does not negatively interfere with the environment. They also ensure that the building does not in any way affect the health of its occupants or the people around it. What Are Some of the Fire Safety Measures?

17 February 2020