Own A Commercial Building? Why You Need To Install Fire Doors Right Away


If you own a commercial building, you owe it to yourself to install fire doors throughout the building. You might not realise this, but installing fire doors can make your commercial building safer and more secure. In fact, without this protection, you could be putting your employees at risk during a fire. If you're like most commercial building owners, you've taken steps to install fire extinguishers and sprinklers. However, fire doors take that protection to the next level.

26 October 2021

How Modern Roller Shutters Are Major Improvements Over Those In The Past


Roller shutters have had a reputation as strong, protective barriers for your windows for a long time, but that has not always been the case. While roller shutters of the past might have looked tough, in many cases this was all just an illusion due to the metal components used in the shutters. However, modern roller shutters are, in fact, the real deal, and do contain a lot of benefits that most people thought were present in older generations.

19 July 2021

FAQs about Annual Fire Safety Statement


An annual fire safety statement provides evidence that an expert has approved all the safety measures a building owner has taken to secure their property against fire. It also proves that the owner adheres to the local and state fire safety regulations. This statement is issued to the building owner, who must then provide a copy to the local council. If you wish to know more about this document, read these top FAQs about annual fire safety statements and their answers.

19 April 2021

3 Top Signs That Your Roller Shutter Doors Need Repair


Although small-scale Australian businesses lose a lot of money annually from burglaries, many retailers do not take security seriously. Some business owners only take action when they become part of the worrying statistics, but it does not have to get that far. Simple measures, such as ensuring that your roller shutter doors are in good condition, are significant. It means that you must be aware when your roller doors need repairs.

22 February 2021