Improving the Doors in Your Home

When it comes to protecting your home, the doors are the first and last line of defence. If you do not have a good set of doors in your home, you are asking for trouble. I discovered this the hard way when my home was broken into. The doors were old and wooden and not very strong. As soon as I had reported it to the police, I called in a contractor who could recommend some strong quality doors to protect my place. The contractor was great and I learnt an awful lot from him. I hope you enjoy my blog.

How Modern Roller Shutters Are Major Improvements Over Those In The Past


Roller shutters have had a reputation as strong, protective barriers for your windows for a long time, but that has not always been the case. While roller shutters of the past might have looked tough, in many cases this was all just an illusion due to the metal components used in the shutters. However, modern roller shutters are, in fact, the real deal, and do contain a lot of benefits that most people thought were present in older generations. Here are a few reasons why there has never been a better time to get roller shutters and how they are better than models in the past.


While roller shutters of the past might have looked good for a few years, after that they would begin to face a lot of mechanical problems. The heavy weight of the shutters and the relatively small engines and motors meant that there was bound to be trouble before too long. Thankfully, as technology has advanced, powerful motors have been invented that are the same size, or even smaller, than those in the past. This eliminates the major mechanical problem older roller shutters faced and means that they will work for longer, with less stuttering.


If you want to actively protect your home from intruders through the use of roller shutters, then you are going to need specifically designed security shutters. Luckily, these shutters exist, and when they are deployed, they are extremely difficult to pry open because of how few edges there are and the quality of the metal slats. Of course, regular roller shutters do provide some extra security as well, and much better than previous iterations, but the main improvement has been the addition of a diverse range of options, with many of them focused on strength and the protection of your home. 

Ease Of Use

When roller shutters were first introduced, almost all were operated by a hand-crank. This was a very tiresome experience and could be actually quite hard for smaller owners. Modern roller shutters can all come with an automatic remote that you can use almost anywhere in your home to lift shutters up and down. They are also a lot quieter than in the past, where the clunky banging noise of the metal slates could be heard echoing down the street. The user experience has become a much bigger consideration when it comes to roller shutters, and you can benefit from that a lot! 


19 July 2021